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Originally Posted by Just Tim
Hello I like reading from you. English is not my first language either ! Although my "arabic" is not great. Depends where you're from...

I would like to ask you a simple question to answer yours ! Simple

How does the higher self knows what's going on in the 3D self ? They ask !

Have you tried meditating/praying asking for an answer, specifically to your question from your higher self ?

Be well.

The higher self is you and it knows everything about you, it's the superconsciousness, your inner most being, deep deep down, far far in within yourself. How should I say this, at the deepest level, you and the whole universe are one.

Having this in mind, now it's easier to connect with your inner self, it's not some distant being far more evolved than you, it's the real you, free of judgements.
The truth.
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