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“Where is close or far,
in or out,
gross or subtle?
I abide in the glory of Self”

Verse revisited on 02-July-2022

Manifestation of space and time
Within yet apart from cosmic chime
Screens the play of seeming separation
In an enigmatic dance of vibrant celebration
Where polarities orbit the invisible source
Recognising love as life’s sole resource
Unerring guiding souls back home
Within the reverberation of Ohm

Vibration recognises no distance
Unless the ego entity offers resistance
Consciousness is omnipresent across space
For where is it where we may find not God’s grace
Seeming duality is but a play of prismatic delight
Playing out in slow motion from That one light
Recognised on cessation of heart’s desire
As we so transmute to become His fire
God alone Is
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