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“Where is sleeping, dreaming, waking,
or even the fourth state?
Where is fear?
I abide in the glory of Self”

Verse revisited on 09-June-2022

Timeless continuum of here, now, this
Peace rippleless, humming with bliss
Holds steady internalised attention
As ever present divine orientation
Wherein heart thus, void-centric
Radiates loving intent concentric
Be it in waking or dreaming state
Magnetic bliss throbs within gyrate
Each life pulse embrace and release
Flowing gently, like the morning breeze
Dreams within dreams do thus renew
Witnessing linear time flow continue
Aware that we’re breathed by God
Of cause, not effect, overawed
Witnessed from fulcrum of stillness
Be it day or night in vibrant blissfulness
God alone Is
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