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“Where is past and future,
or even present?
Where is space, or even eternity?
I abide in the glory of Self”

Verse revisited on 23-April-2022

Sans thought flow that marks time
With stillness blurring boundaries of space
All that remains is the magnetic bliss throb sublime
Inner eye beholding divine light, soft white, by His grace

Having chosen to experience sharp contrast of duality
We celebrate even our illusion of seeming delusion
Recognising each exhalation our form’s fatality
Divine centric awareness has no confusion

With each breath intake the world appears
Sans thought interference, we just feel by touch
Melding with the flow, on exhalation it all disappears
For the offered dream experience, we thank God very much

As the one chose to become two and the two then so many
Our expanded consciousness recognises but oneness
Thus all we see but a burst of thought epiphany
Wherein we’re aglow in vibrant blissfulness
God alone Is
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