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Incomplete Dying and Alternate Realities

When one dies, and this may be at any stage in their physical life, they have the choice to either move on to the spiritual realm (heaven) or to come back to their present physical form.
The main and only reason one would come back to the present reality is if that soul felt incomplete with it's current incarnation or rememberance.
If a soul chooses to come back to present reality to complete it's rememberance it would arrive there the nanosecond before it died, but it would not be in the same reality as it left, it would be in an alternate reality...I'm thinking the next one 'over'; if that makes sense.
So, the soul in one reality 'dies' but the soul moves to another part of itself; to continue the journey.
And quite often the soul is none the wiser of physically dying and going into the spirit realm, and then coming back, for the memory of all that happened between their death and their re-entry into physicality is forgotten, as to keep within the guidelines of God's divine plan of rememberance.
Let me ask you a question: have you ever felt so close to death that you actually thought you were going to die. Usually in these circumstances you have died and come back to physicality.
Souls actually choose to die many times during their life, and it is not uncommon for a soul to die at most four times during their life before they feel complete.
Death is not by accident either, every soul chooses their time of death at the exact perfect time for their experience.
Thus: you should never feel sad for the dead, for they have chosen to move on to the spirit realm because they feel complete with their current rememberance, you should bless them that they have found their true self and have reached their goal for that lifetime.
So now you realise that death is a tool. A tool with which we use to continue and create our reality. Death is like a home: you go there to rest, but if you have a job(life) you go out and do that job until you choose to retire and live at home. But in this case the 'job' never ends.
Well, that metaphor was not only confusing, it was quite lame.
I hope you enjoyed my spiel on death and life, and I'll see you all next time on..... The Enlightener Show.


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