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Angel1 Rahanni Celestial Healing

Hi everybody !
I just wondered if anybody on this site practised Rahanni celestial healing ? Or maybe you have received the healing yourself ? I would love to hear from you.

I have previously practised Reiki for years, having trained up to master level. My mission has always been to be of service to others.
I became aware of Rahanni healing in 2015 after being lucky enough to receive some distantly. It resonated with me greatly and I received so many signs from the universe that I needed to learn and attune to this that I found myself trained as a level one practitioner relatively quickly ! I am looking to progress onto level two this year in order to teach this gentle but very effective hand-on healing.

For those interested - Rahanni celestial healing is a fifth dimensional healing modality but having the ability to connect with the fourth but not the third dimension.
Rahanni means ' of one heart'. It vibrates on a pink ray of light that connects with the heart centre.

As this planet earth's vibration has been anchored into the fourth dimension since December the 21st 2012 we are able to hold higher light frequencies within all aspects of our beings.

Reiki healing was introduced by Dr Usui around 1922 and the healing light it brought forth was when the planet was still in the 3rd dimension. He could not have introduced to earth a healing modality of a higher frequency at the time as we would not have been able to process it physically. Reiki will still be used by many healers as it will still take a while for the third dimension to be completely phased out, and there are still many people that resonate with its healing light.
Rahanni healing light is thousands of years old, although was introduced to this planet on the 4th of August 2002 via Carol Anne Stacey. It assists in our change of consciousness and works in balancing our systems, allowing the release of fear and helping us to recognise our true essence of pure unconditional love.
I consider working with Reiki to have been an absolute privilege, but I am now using the higher vibrational light that Rahanni offers to assist and support the people that come to me for help.

Love and light.
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