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Thanks Shivani Devi for the links to your recordings, I have listened to all of them but not right through I must admit as some are rather long. I noted your comments about quality but found most to have plenty of clear areas and I was able to get many of the words although it sometimes took two goes. But strangely it is so variable. Some simple words or names I failed with but where you placed a pair of spectacles in view I got most of the word "spectacles" instantly although it seemed to have taken longer for you.

I do find the pulsing scanning noise of the P-SB7 very distracting though.

I have been experimenting today with a Raudive germanium crystal detector circuit into my Sony digital recorder, it's promising but needs a gain stage to increase the volume. I think your suggestion to LillyBelle about using P-SB7 make more sense for me also, I have read the the Radio Shack hack and the Sangean too can't be carried out on the present models due to "improvements" ie ribbon cables instead of pins that can be bent out of the way. I don't know if this is true though.

Many thanks, Chris
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