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Originally Posted by LillyBelle
Shivani, may I ask which radio you used? I'm interested in these little boxes, but I don't feel like being scammed either. I did try a few apps on my phone, but I don't think they were accurate in the least.
I use(d) a box called a P-SB7 Spirit Box and they are really good...for starting out...and it's not a scam, not at all! It's the real deal.

When you get a bit more 'expert', there are ways to hack old radios to give better a Radio Shack Hack, a Sangean Hack...oh that reminds me, here is Keith Weldon of Chillseekers with a very cheap radio 'spirit box':

It's an old Sony Walkman SRF-M37W you can pick up for like $10.

Phone apps are not accurate because they don't have any of the raw RF...and there's nothing much that spirits can manipulate in regards to a phone...sad but true.
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