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I am very well aware that as a novice I need to watch out for pitfalls and fake EVP on You Tube but applying my new found knowledge (thanks Shivani Devi), I have spent some hours listening to "spirit" recordings over the last couple of days, many I had previously heard. Strangely, my opinions are not much changed. I now find it fairly easy to tell the difference between words which are "bleed-through" from scanned stations and real positive "spirit words". I am pleased to be able to tell the difference with apparent ease but realise I am not perfect and mistakes will happen.

My previous uneducated views of many of these recordings have held true so I must have been getting some of it right in my ignorance.

Some recordings on YT. are very poor in my opinion but there are some I marvel at including everything I have heard by Shannon aka Mortis The Wizard. His stuff is clear and unambiguous to my ear, of better, clearer quality than nearly everything else and just generally brilliant. please don't anyone tell me he is a fake!

I do feel that thanks to the helpful advice from Shivani Devi, my world has opened up considerably.


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