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Originally Posted by dowsingdoer
Many thanks again Shivani Devi for you "neat trick" guidance - unfortunately your link refuses to play beyond 0.04/5.05 no idea why but when I downloaded the video with Clip Grab it plays just fine.

Well, as they say, it is easy with a little help! Following your instructions I can hear the whisper and "please - don't" and also your "question versus christian" referred to in an earlier post. With your help these are (fairly) clear. What I had not appreciated was that different parts of the same conversation could come in different voices/sounds That is a revelation to me! I must revisit some of the material I have previously listened to.

Thanks for your help - I do feel I have progressed!

That's awesome! I'm sorry that link didn't play originally for you, but you got it all anyway so that's cool.

Now you can see and understand this and I am pleased...and happy spirit-box listening based on it. Cheers.
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