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Pain around ankle along Kidney points

I'm re-posting my question here in the "acupressure & acupuncture" section hoping to get some insight to these mysterious moving symptoms:

After a long struggle with dizziness and fatigue I have finally gotten some answers and relief by visiting a chiropractor/functional medicine doctor. I can finally say I feel good after changing my diet and going for regular adjustments! This new-found relief has started to improve my emotional well being as well. It seems I'm in a transitional stage right now, all in a positive direction!

However...the past three days I have had a really stiff and painful left ankle for no apparent reason. I did some research online knowing everything that manifests physically has an underlying emotional or spiritual cause and most of the results generalize the ankle symbolizing our support, direction in life, flexibility or resistance of changes in life. Knowing the left side of us represents the past as well as feminine energy, I'm having a hard time nailing down what this mysterious left ankle pain actually means. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

I found out the specific area of my ankle pain is all along the kidney meridian and acupressure points. There is an obvious connection to this being fear related, as well as a connection between the ears/balance and the kidneys. It seems that whatever is being addressed by the chiropractic adjustments that have helped my dizziness has now taken up residence in my left ankle. I know this is all inter connected, but if anyone out there is knowledgeable I would really appreciate an explanation
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