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Hello' Katra:

As someone who had many years of experience with removing these unwanted energetic pests, let me offer you a laconic overview.

Yes, one individual, (a shaman, or white witch or spiritual teacher or healer, etc.) can remove these pesky 'astral shells and inter-dimensional beings.

But, what is suggested is that you and your family DO the 'cleansing ritual' as THAT would create a stronger impression and also have a greater effect on your famiy's inter-connectedness and trust with in yourselves.

Now, if you choose to pay for the services of an individual who has experience with removal of these types of beings then it is merely a matter of that shaman's personal Will power ans ability to connect with the Divine and create that interactive bound with the shadow being when commanding it to leave.

If the shaman or witch or healer charges a very high price or makes exaggerated claims of successful past removals or appears to be fearful or lost in the initial meeting, then, I would suggest that you search for another practitioner, as there are many, many, many charlatans and fakers out there who thrive on bilking individuals out of their money.

I wish you well in your learning lessons.

If you require any further insight or info. you can contact me here.

In Light & Love Taoist

P.S. The tools that are commonly used by myself and other practitioners are in general, oils, incense, candles and chanting. But, most is the INTENT & WILL POWER of the shaman, healer, witch, priest that will have the best effect in permanently removing these pests.

So remember, the power is NOT in the tools ( candles, incense, oils, etc) it IS in the INTENT or WILL of the individual attempting to remove them.
Therefore, a person with a strong attunement to the Divine, to ultimate joy, Light, love, is the one who will have the MOST effect in removing these unwanted pests from your home.
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