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TV News - What I Say but it was not Real


This is one of the strange experiences I had recently. As a Medium its not unusual for me, but this one shook me up a bit. I was at work and I went up to the office (that is past the break room ) and on the TV news was a story about a ferry with 78 people on it and one suspected Canadian. I quickly went past saying a simple blessing. That I thought was the end of it. I went back to work and into the cooler where one other employee was that is just starting on his learning path of Metaphysics. I was standing in a puddle on the floor and I felt a rush of spirit contact come into me. He said I want blank and I broke out in the chills of goose skin. I said that I had just seen the news and it rattled me a bit. I was fine and that was that.....he goes OMG I did not beleive in Ghosts but I swear I say something enter you. I assured him this is normal for me and that I was fine and would be fine.....that work is work and the Medium me is outside work. Later he Googled the news for the Ferry and could not find it....nor could I when I got home.

It seems that what I saw dates back to 2014 in the Philippines and I made contact with some that drowned as they are still looking into the cause. Funny how things I see are flashes that are not really what is on the screen.

Does anyone else have a similar experience ?

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