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That land was so peaceful in many ways. If a person stood still and listened very carefully, they might hear the water flowing below them. Unfortunately, I knew no other but my self who experienced that.

On our property, just south of where our house was, was a clearing that in the distant past, the 'local' Indians would sit up a 'village' there which they would stay at each and every year.

Further down the stream, that water would flow into a 'wilderness'. As far as I know, that area, almost nobody had traversed. In that 'wilderness', that water would all pour into a sinkhole in the creek's water bed. The sinkhole, a huge underground cave, was something I did not venture to explore. It was something I stayed away from.

People did not realize all of the creek's water got gobbled up by that cave because other side streams would flow into that creek's bed further downstream and fill 'her up' so people never knew what actually was happening.


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