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Originally Posted by Gem
Most teachers are giving out instruction on how to do it, but nearly all of them require your doing. Control breathing, count breaths, visualize a thingy, say a mantra etc, etc, etc... which just generates volition, which implies desire...

Yes so in a way keeps one in that delusional ego based state of being and experience. The concept of becoming. There is just now and what we create out of what is here. Normally identification with ego or thought is here so that's the basis of our experience and creation. Lack of volition... it's not a desire to be without desire, it's the realization or experience nothing is here to be with or without desire. Nothing to have a concern of such.

I can illustrate with algebra. Where numbers = desire.

3+1 + X = 6-2
4 + X = 4
4 (-4) + X = 4 (-4)
X = 0
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