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Originally Posted by MaseratiJoe
Good Day,

I'm fairly new to crystals and have recently had great success programing rose quartz and citrine crystals. So i went out and bought a lot of crystals and i mean a lot.

However after researching there are no details of programing stones outside of certain stones ( i.e. quartz, citrine etc.). For example tigers eye, blue topaz, crocite, black jasper, carnelian are just a few that caught my interest a lot but there are no details of programming them.

Which crystals can or cannot be programmed? If a crystal cannot be programmed would you just cleanse it charge it and use if for the normal purposes its designed for?


As far as I am concerned, all crystals, rocks, can be programmed.

Something I do with my rocks and crystals is program them to be 'Reiki healers'. That is just me.... everybody is different.


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