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Originally Posted by water drop
Why in qigong exercises you lower energy to lower dantian and not upper ones ? (at end of exercise)

(and as always - i would appreciate any added information people want to give on this subject)

Well some people usually encounter headaches after doing qigong as the energy gets stuck in there head, and they never realised this when they started doing the exercises, other problems can manifest depending on the persons health and psychological state, as with any build up of internal energy in your system it's always wiser to store it in your lower dantien, it can handle that energy's where you were literally blown into life like a balloon.....sorry if that sounds a bit weird!
once the energy naturally builds up in the Dantien it will spill over into the higher ones, to be honest my experience of it was a very strong arc of electrical vibration between one point to the other....and the way I ignited this union from one point to the other was through the imagery of the female form, which is the yin and yang or male and female energy.....I know I'm getting weird again!
and to be honest if your not aware that this energy can do this inside your system it can be quite a shock.

I know some people concentrate on certain areas of the body to open chakra centres up, but I've seen people end up with pulsed energy coarsing through there system causing them to shake vigourously, so that's my bias on the subject!
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