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How did you contacted these spirits?

You would need to cleanse your personal space and yourself. If you have windows have them open for a brief moment after you've finished cleansing. There are several ways you can keep your room cleansed by burning sage, palo santo, frankincense or copal. You can even combine them and burn it on a charcoal disk. You can also use essential oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense or peppermint. Apply a few drops into the diffuser or in a bucket of water for mopping. This will raise the vibrations within the room. Add salt into the corners of your space, afterwards within two days, vacuum or sweep the salt and flush it away.

Here are some herbs that can be used for expelling spirits: Herbs That Protect Against Evil Spirits.

Take a ritual bath adding salt, hyssop, and lavender. Do this every waning moon phase in a Saturday until the evil spirits detach themselves from you.

Practice shielding using the Tower of Light or other methods to protect yourself. Place wards to prevent anything harmful entering into your personal space. Use crystals. You can also have some burning white candles for protection. Burning dragon's blood also provides protection.

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