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Be careful as always, do what feels best for you.

Research, research, research.

Fasting - Juicing I recommend. In my experience, I once felt the energy moving through the body, and work on the area's by inflaming them for a day or two - just like the old injury felt itself, and than it would feel better.

It is very important to have a clean whole foods diet, with no addictions going into a fast, and to break it carefully or you will wind up doing more damage. As I have also had experience in.

Not so extreme:

Cut out addictions, processed, up your vegetable intake, water intake, and an ability to exercise in any given form of your choosing. Yoga is nice - tai chi another mentioned, anything that will help you to free your mind and body, and spirit - from blockages - to open pathways within.

Cilantro, Parsley, wheat grass juiced. Also the first two can be eaten.

Parasite cleanses around the full moon. Sounds silly, but look into it. It's quite interesting. If you find it so.

I would not recommend a water or dry fast if you have a history in eating disorder's or disordered eating. & if you have any history of mental health for that matter, and if you do not have a physician to check your daily body diagnostics.

A diet that has balance. Your own balance. Not someone else's dogma.


Change your diet, change your surroundings, change your behavior, change your activity. If it doesn't suit, even if it works for others, find a new direction.
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