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Really unpleasant dream

I had a really horrible dream during the night that has left me feeling more than a little shaken. I have a lot of conflict going on inside but even so I was shocked at how vivid and creepy this dream was, particularly the strong religious element.

I dreamed that I was pregnant. I was happy about it but realised I could not keep the baby. I knew my ex would be angry with me since he looks after our son now (he does IRL due to my health). I also knew that my mum would guess as she always knows when there's anything wrong. I started looking through a phone directory for abortion counsellors thinking I could discuss what to do and come to an agreement because I really wanted the baby. That feeling was very strong. There was also something about being in pain because I could feel the baby moving around inside - I was clearly quite far gone - but I don't remember much about this bit. I do remember being in a lot of pain though.

I then remember being in my bedroom looking out of the window. I saw two police officers torturing someone who was ill and lying in a pram (I think). They were wacking him over the head. I realised then that the police would come for me at anytime because I had considered an abortion. In this dream I was Catholic and I knew I had done wrong (I am not Catholic in reality and never have been). I was reading in my bedroom feeling absolutely scared out my wits that I was going to prison. The doorbell rang and I went down to open it. As I did so I surrounded myself with white light and said "Please don't let them hurt me." I was so aware of being Catholic. A lady wiith horrible sharp glaring eyes and pushing a trolley immediately walked inside my house. I asked her to please wait because I didn't know who she was and couldn't trust her. The lady took no notice. She grabbed me and pulled me over to my lounge window. I looked at my garden and noticed two massive gaps in my garden fence. I could see grass beyond them. She lady was squeezing my skin and I begged her not to hurt my child. However, the lady put her hands tight on my middle and squeezed til I was breathless....I woke up with a gasp.

Any thoughts? Aside from the deadly atmosphere I find it fascinating. I have a lot of conflict inside about moving on/letting go of old patterns to live in higher consciousness, so I wonder if the dream is reflecting this.
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