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So, after being to heaven and back, I have been made aware of my life's purpose now.

I am to continue my research, carrying on the works of Konstantin Raudive, George Meek, Freidrich Jurgensson, Ernst Senkowski and Nikola Tesla...

Yes, they are all here with me in spirit, urging me and egging me on with this...Nikola payed me a visit an hour ago saying "no discovery is as important as self-discovery" and led my mind back into the beautiful and tranquil quantum state.

I have to do more of these sessions just for myself. Nikola didn't invent things for other people to use...that only happened as a result of it. He wasn't trying to make anybody happy, but he found the bliss within himself.

I wonder what these beings can teach me and how I can make mankind all the more whole and nourished by sharing it?
I am the creator of my own reality, so please don't get offended if I refuse to allow you to be the creator of it instead of focusing on creating your own. Thanks.
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