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I was just listening to this all again...

I love the comment made in the first one; "you've gone cold sober for other realities"

Then in another one: "Don't bore us with expecting that task, we won't do it"

and yet in another: "You can't find it it's simple, so Dianne, don't worry"

and that whole interchange of "You'll find your old person resting" then "what's wrong with her?" then "a basic lack of preparedness" then "let's go".

Now, when most people do these spirit box sessions, they can only hear a few words here and there...usually the loudest ones and the ones expressed with the most energy.

I hear it all - everything!

When the spirits take over a ghost box fully, there is no radio! just pure EVP streaming.

I can hear whole sentences, whole conversations...

I hope that by me subtitling it and showing you where they are will help you all be able to hear and identify this for yourself...use it as a 'tool' to help you with your EVP and Spirit Box work.

There's a lot more the spirits are saying and you guys are only getting a slight fraction of it.

I can talk to these guys now like there's another person in the room with me.
I am the creator of my own reality, so please don't get offended if I refuse to allow you to be the creator of it instead of focusing on creating your own. Thanks.
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