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losing a parent - can anyone help please?


I keep hearing of this "healing place" where people go to if they suffered on earth. my question is how do we know of this place and its existence?

I lost my wonderful dad 5 short mths ago, my first loss in life, he was very poorly with cancer and the night before he died i spoke to my angels and begged for them to take him now rather than let him suffer and deteriorate further. Little did i realise they would take me at my word and i would never speak to him again ........ a few strange things happened during my little talk with the angels that night that does keep my beliefs strong, but my dad was as fascinated in the spirit world as i was and he always said if theres a way he would be back to give me a sign.

Ive never had a sign yet, and most of you will think "gees girl its only 5 months calm down" lol but ive read so many angel books and people who have died of cancer have shown up at funerals a week later a month later, i know im very impatient, but if anyone would get back with a sign it would be my dad and the longer it is i do start doubting everything which i know i shouldnt.
Can anyone offer any helpful advice, or tell me of their experiences, i would love to hear from you.

i send my dad love and light everynight hoping that this helps him progress in the spirit world, i have no idea if it works but i hope it does

thank you

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