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Originally Posted by emilyhoney
cold cooked food is a bit easier, but not significantly.
also the less cooked it is, the less it bothers me.

Better how? For you? While raw food has more nutrients in most of the foods, it is not always easy on the body to digest and can take a lot more to digest it. I was on a raw diet for almost a year, while I lost a good amount of weight. I had other issues within my body with that diet. Just like vecta3 points out raw foods can make your body too cold, and too cold can create its own sets of issues. Such as causing food allergies to certain foods.

Eating veggies and fruits together can make one feel discomfort as well. From what studies say, and can cause a lot of gas... I also see you cook your veggies with oil. How fresh is your oil and how warm does it get where you store it? Many people do not know this but if the oil gets too hot it becomes rancid, which could make a person sick.

And on a side note looking at your list of what you eat in a day. Where are your healthy fats that the body needs as well? You also didn't look like you had much protein in your diet either... Of course you weren't asking for such things, so I will end it here.

Could also be possible that your body has changed in what it likes and doesn't like. As I've known people that used to love something, but then could no longer tolerate it. As they say listen to the body, it will tell you what it needs.
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