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Mindanalyser...your dreams are self explanatory...even if one doesn't believe in t all...they are very very clear...I am sure you will figure out the nature of the woman like figure yourself soon too, or when the time is right.
Your dreams have a protective energy, obviously, given that its almost angel fighting aliens..sounds like a fictional good vs what might be in sci fi movies....but apparently sci fi movies aren't that sci fi it somewhere too....

I heard here and there, from elderly people, that not all dreams should be shared, except with someone very close to you and wishes only your good..

Have you tried googling with the description? But in essence everyone was scared of this figure for a reason? May be the focus on her not making you angry knowing what you know to be the reaction to it could be her attempting to decieve you given that she is scared of you? You also felt uncomfortable with something lurking around indicating just that and perhaps linking to the appearance of this figure. Whichever it is, you see to be sure clear about deciphering your emotional reaction in your dreams. So I am only pointing out the negative possibilities, for there will be no loss anyway if I does mean anything in the positive anyways. the eyes bit was quite interesting don't you think?

Take care and good luck.
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