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After i opened all the main chakras and worked my kundalini and my energy body in general,i started to have poltergeist activity at a daily basis.(still have it wherever i go).
Also i realize that the mind can trigger ''energy'' to follow and the reason of saying this,is because the mind works with memory.

You read about a mantra,and then you activate it on your energy body,but at first,the info has to be stored in your memory.
(The mantra it self,and what it does.)
from that point,when you work on something,the subconsious mind knows where to look for,and you have the desired result.

One time i constructed a mantra of my own,and for some reason i had the impression that these words will change my heartbeat and kill me.
I have no clue why this thought crossed my mind,but the info was allready stored.
So i pronounced the mantra and i did get the exact result.Fortunaly my guardian angel sended the proccess to compost fast,so it lasted for a few seconds.

If the kundalini force is known to you as a powerful energy that will grant you siddhis,the activation will be directed and manipulated that way.

First i learned how to do energy work,and then i started to work with chakras and forces.
No books or too many infos.
Just a quick visit to some sites to memorize the location of a chakra and it's name,and then i was doing my work.
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