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Originally Posted by Bella100
Hello everyone! I have a question I'm hoping you all can help with...Whenever I feel spirits near me my vision gets weird I can't see them per say but I do see outlines of them that's blurry and almost like looking at a mirage, it's like waves of nothing.does anyone know what that is or what it's called?

I know what you mean, I see energy too like that sometimes though with spirits I see them different to what you are on the rare occassions I see them. (I usually see them as spirit balls if looking at them through my physical eyes).

I call that mirage like shimmery, wavey nothingness as you put it looking stuff just energy.. so that would be seeing their energy.

That same look happens too in the air with energy but it would not be as dense as when you see a spirit so you may not notice it unless are tuning into it but there is energy all around.
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