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What was said vs understood?

Ten interpretations of John 1.1
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Take your pick! Or better still, self realise your own insight.

Interpretation of the agnostic:

Original thought is energy created by that One thinker
Manifests through all that is, as the Word of the Creator
It is a concept which we cannot yet fully understand
Perhaps we are in a subset of the Set beyond which God stands

Interpretation of the evangelist:

When none was, HE was
Of all that is and was, HE is the cause
HE passed on his Word to Jesus, his son
HE, the one true GOD and Jesus became one

Interpretation of the theosophist:

The matter manifest and the energy concealed were once unified
The magical breath, the wave, the impulse, made them become untied
So what appears to be duality
Is in reality a singularity
The source sent this wave forth, pervading time and space
HE, the source, the creator, is in all and yet apart, in an unfathomable place

Interpretation of the atheist:

The Bible talks of a beginning while the Gita says that there is no beginning and no end
All doctrines appear to be works of fiction to make our will bend
Why does John 1.1 say 'word' instead of using a more lucid expression?
Unless the word 'word' symbolises something nearest to it in description
If that be so, the spoken Word is a sound to the human ear and a wave in scientific terminology
So if in the beginning was a wave and the creator of the wave was God, we are in the realm of theology
More baffling being the concept that the wave maker and the wave are one
It's like a jigsaw puzzle with parts incomplete, with which I am done!

Interpretation of the analyst:

Word is preceded by thought and thought by a thinker, looking inwards
The word is then of the thinker propelling his thought as action, outwards
If the word becomes the thinker then the world is nothing but thought
An inexplicable creation into which we have been brought!

Interpretation of the scientist:

The beginning of time means the Big Bang!
Eons after which life formed and birds sang
The Word may then be likened to an outpouring of infinite energy
Bringing to form all we know in an expanding synergy

Interpretation of an artist:

The Word is the divine breath creating a multitude of living bubbles
The breath is and was with God, who for us has undertaken all these troubles
Bringing life and light into the void, the empty space
God is indistinguishable from the Word showering upon all his benign grace!

Interpretation of a theorist:

Prior to the beginning, there was only space like a giant empty womb
The beginning saw God infuse energy and life into what otherwise was an empty tomb
Just like the life growing within the womb knows nothing of what lies outside its boundary
Who God is will forever remain a mystery, our quandary

Interpretation of an occultist:

The Word, it's being with God and becoming God represents the divine trinity
Akin to the Hindu concept of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, whose powers extend to infinity

Interpretation of a meditationalist:

Respecting the preacher, the interpreter, graced by divine wisdom they imbibed
Grateful for the symbolism from their hearts aptly described
Observing their endearing embrace sought to be shared
Endeavouring to our dispel ignorance by insights emphatically declared
Knowing that although the word is not the thing
Yet delving in its essence may give us wings
Going in, within, in the stillness, actually being to become
The Universe and our consciousness are entwined as one
Dissolved in the current, yet blissfully distinct
Free of fetters, our ego extinct
The now moment is our reality, all other speculations possibly egoism
Be they theism, atheism, panentheism or any other ism
Does reality manifesting reality make the manifested an illusion?
Is not fragmented thought, thought being matter, akin to delusion?
Why not rest limited thought which eludes the here & now
Wisdom is being in & within this moment, resting inquiry of what, where, when & how

God alone Is
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