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Originally Posted by asearcher

I am close to already regretting posting this thread but still gonna go for one way I think it is real dumb to even consider it...yet - here I go!

So...I have a bro who has been in and out of mental hospitals...several times (different times) during his ill periods he has taken steps back when it comes to me.

During my childhood, teenage years he could get real aggressive, physically too with me and because of the age gap he was like physically of the same strength as a grown up.

The times he has step back he has given attention or seem afraid of some "dark angel" beside me. There has been moments when I first think he is talking to me but he is talking to "my dark angel". He was saying "I'm not gonna hurt her. I swear" and so on. In these times he has been partly on his way into a full blown psychosis and partly in reality.

One time I did a meditation where one was to meet one's spirit guide and mine turn out to look like I guess what now an dark angel is going to look like?. I thought this was a failed, fake meditation; my brain simply playing tricks on me. This happen years after my bro would say different times about my dark angel so I have thought if I subconsciously then made one up during the meditation. I was to meet my spirit guide by a fire during the meditation. It did not do anything to me. It just look down while it gave me a piece of paper and behind the dark hood I could not tell of it's face.

We have had paranormal happenings in the home and a friend of mine who I have not told about my bro's "vision", has several times said the same thing - that there is a dark "male" energy attached to me and telling her to get out (like out of the house). She state that when I or "we" come over to her home more paranormal stuff happens there that usually don't happen, but this was now long ago.

My mind wants to tell me that if we have spirit guides - of course they had to be positive light entities, but then because of what has happen I wonder if anyone has seen what my bro and friend has seen (I can't say if it is the same "entity" they see or 2 different ones) or if this has come up during meditation to anyone else?

Can it be something that wish to be seen as dark, but is good still?

If it is truly dark then I don't get it

People with severe mental illness are often uncontrolled psychics. Sometimes what a doctor would call symptoms a psychic would call visions.

To answer your question. It’s perfectly normal to have a dark angel for a guide, it’s normal to have any number of angels or other beings around you. I’ve met plenty of borderline beings, beings who are neither dark nor light and a good few dark ones.

They’re just people.

Perception is important in this. Many people see Lucifer as a dark angel but guess who taught me my most important spiritual lessons? Lucifer. They can be every bit as helpful as “angels.”

I have a number of celestial friends (I wouldn’t call them guides or guardians, they’re more like family) including angels, demons, ET species, fallen angels.

A persons BEHAVIOUR is what matters. Not their appearance and not, to a large extent, even their words.
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