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Originally Posted by asearcher
Hi, thank you for writing back to me and for your information, have i understood you right that the thing was the other part of you, that posessed you? how does one fight back such things? is it about leaving ones body and fight in the astral? i am right now in the process of trying to have obe:s and would not want to be suddenly against something bad. can't say I'm very successful, ha ha.

there has been strange tragedies in my family but many families have their issues and hidden secrets etc, etc so I am not writing this as a poor-me thing here but thinking if what these tragedies, this sort of pain in itself gave away to dark energy; could this have fed the thing? Too far fetch perhaps?

I am still one big question mark on how to find it, target it and make it go away? How did you do it?

very sorry to hear what has happen to you and am very impressed how you manage to handle it :)

There actually isn't any special method to take back control but just one. The only way is to have a tough mind and be sure where your boundaries are. Such as, that I will never allow her to touch tarot unless she uses my method. And if she doesn't follow the way I want to live, since its my life anyways, she's out and no exception.

These beings are gonna sway you with new age theories and things like numerology etc. But the thing I will keep in mind is, we are in a mundane world doing spiritual enlightenment, but that does not limit to me playing tarot, doing psychic reading etc. It is about failing in games, arguing with parents and all those obstacles you go through in every day life, learning any type of new hobby, even it has nothing to do with spiritual practice. Its something those shameful light angels can never get, and totally deserves the state they are.

I am angry at their betrayal. From time to time I went back there to combat them, until one day the same angels you've seen went to cut out the fight. That was how serious it got. In your case however, it is that you will meet that spirit again, and this time it looks like they are going to let you. Mine got stopped because the energy was so strong that it would tear apart something that they do not want, awake some sort of power, and people are going to feel it. Its a large scale war that got stopped.

Also keep in mind that those spirit will do everything to stop you to do something your true heart tells you. Anything that makes you develop they will not let you, which is a what most people desires. The only person you can trust is not your 'higher' self/selves, its YOU in its raw form. Keep things straight and simple, there is no you other than yourself.

Oh one more thing. Do not let anyone other than you to be part of you, even its an angel sending messages and saying they are part of you, or another spirit that made you want to combine with you/them/group conscious/etc. Even God the Creator does not have such right. Hopefully should be it.
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