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Originally Posted by IndigoViolet
I think its more of a creature that relates to the family more than you. Evil beings despise differences and will always target those who are inferior to them, thus you became its target. However, the thing is, you will eventually need to enter his world and deal with him on your own, with your angels watching so that things won't go too wrong, and send him away where you will never get to see him anymore.

He is not the only body that got possessed by evil. Nowadays people like me are frequently a target of such possession, and they would rather do so when we were young, but when they failed like in your case, they get furious and will try to take you down by derep you etc.

Be careful. I only got to fight back when I grew up, when I learned there are two selves in me, one being the real me, and one not, and the battle will not cease even after you fight off them. If of any question, avoid contact with mentally ill people especially, as they have the best sensor, And in most case, avoid social and verbal contact with others. Its better off to be exposed to the world as little as possible. You have to choose your circle carefully.
Hi, thank you for writing back to me and for your information, have i understood you right that the thing was the other part of you, that posessed you? how does one fight back such things? is it about leaving ones body and fight in the astral? i am right now in the process of trying to have obe:s and would not want to be suddenly against something bad. can't say I'm very successful, ha ha.

there has been strange tragedies in my family but many families have their issues and hidden secrets etc, etc so I am not writing this as a poor-me thing here but thinking if what these tragedies, this sort of pain in itself gave away to dark energy; could this have fed the thing? Too far fetch perhaps?

I am still one big question mark on how to find it, target it and make it go away? How did you do it?

very sorry to hear what has happen to you and am very impressed how you manage to handle it :)

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