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I had to google what the terms were in the topic.
I thought a person did NOT eat eggs or cheese if they were ovo lacto.
It's the opposite!
So I guess I was a lacto vegetarian...that just called myself a vegetarian, period.
I wouldn't have a brownie if it was made with an egg.
All these labels! Gosh.

What a living nightmare bringing eggs back into my diet ...I didn't have enzymes to digest them after SO many years...
it was over a week of pain...walking bent over holding my gut.
I won't get into more details.

Sorry, on topic -you can so easily be vegan..rem to get, oh say, 50-70 grams of complete protein, please.
3 of my dear friends that continued on being vegetarians for another 30 years, after I stopped...
were so unhealthy, (meaning they caught every virus), pale, took 3 times to beg them,
''Well, at least get some protein powder! please!"
Because cooking for a couple when they were sick...I saw what they ate...
sure lentils...sure, grains, sure tofu...BUT,
never combined together to make a complete protein!
And the carbs! Omg, the white flour and cheese! All organic, tho! lol!
I could tell stories.
All 3 are much better now.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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