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Originally Posted by sentient
Hi SaturninePluto,

Maybe not answer, but perhaps to explore ………

I think that there is a little bit of a misconception about what a ‘Shaman’ is, as the word is generally understood to mean ‘Siberian healer’.
Not all Shamen are healers.
Basically - the Shaman serves the ‘Source’ (the Shaman was awakened to) by practically serving Others in whatever capacity the individual Shaman is most apt to serve.
So some can be healers, others are psychopomps, others are seers, ‘prophets’, keepers of cultural mythology history/storytellers, teacher/guide counsellors, ‘magicians’ etc.

Dreams and visions about the past or the future is very common in shamanic cultures and one doesn’t need to be a shaman to see those.

I think, what stands out in Siberian Shamanism is the use of Trance.

The person’s totem perhaps? Power animal?
A curious thing happened when I did a journey through my chakras:
Spontaneously an animal appeared with each chakra – and I had never heard of such a thing.

When perceiving ‘energetically’ one comes across a lot of things one has never heard of before.

Yes, I always research the stuff later on as well ……..

Of course! it is possible for a Westerner, it is just that in Indigenous cultures people are more readily aware of ‘energy-fields’ - though not all of them either.
But I must admit, I do discern who is indigenous & who is not by people’s awareness of energy-fields.

I tell you a story.
Last town I lived in, there was this slightly ‘Asian’ looking guy (but in Oz you have got heaps of those, so no-biggy).
This guy however captured my attention, because when walking the streets, I suddenly saw him in front of me clear as day – only to walk round the corner – and there he is!
This happened like all-the-time, so finally I asked him who he was and where he came from.
He is a Canadian Native and yes as we compared ‘notes’- he innately is very tuned to ‘energy-fields’.

Best not ask others, intend to find the answer and allow your guidance to find the way.
But do you really want to know?
The intent to serve, to heal, I think is enough – best not get ‘greedy’ and get ahead of ourselves.
Your capacity to heal will grow in its own pace and in its own time and situations to help you are ready for will spontaneously appear if you allow space for that kind of 'magic' to manifest …..

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for the definition of Shamanism you gave, I have realized this myself- that not all shamans are healers, and there are those whom specialize in different techniques.

And thank you for mentioning trance, yes, I forgot about this. I am able to journey, but do not do trance work to do this. No drumming are anything else in fact. I simply go to a place within mind. These things I find can be difficult to explain with words- some things can not really be accurately described or put to words, so I apologize if I do not explain properly.

Thank you for the link, I have not had enough time to check it out yet, but I will find the time.

Yes the thoughts and feelings that came up for me, were the possibility of this being a power animal- needing to be returned, but at the time I had not heard of such things. I found myself intuiting a lot of what I did while viewing the auric field. I had never seen or tried these things before- that I saw them started me out, I came to the conclusion to try these things. I am still surprised by this experience.

I think I will take my time with this- I am in the process of learning, and the thought of trying soul retrieval frightens me in a way- as I do not know all it entails.

Starting to learn extraction, and helping others find their power is a start, and more than good enough.

I asked these questions as I was unsure why this experience happened to me. I was not expecting it, and am surprised by it.

I shouldn't be I suppose? I have had information out there- I personally have been unaware of come to me in this manner before- in a communicating with spirit type way. I would think, these things eventually would stop coming as a surprise?

Thank you for your response, I found it helpful.
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