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I discovered this modality/technique only recently... and it is amazing!!!

To summarize, I had a very bad separation spiral fracture to the lower tibia of my right leg and two pig-tail ankle fractures on the same leg, one on each side. In some ways I was lucky in that the bone pieces of the tibia were perfectly aligned, requiring no surgical intervention, but I did have to have a cast for almost a year (which they changed every month to x-ray my progress), and they casted it badly and not in the right position. As a result, the place where my tibia joins the knee tilts outward and is rotated to boot. Once the leg was healed, I was able to walk, but over the years between now and then, the misalignment has created problems and resulted in a painful condition. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. were all compromised and since everything in the body is connected, I was experiencing a symphony of pain and limited movement that was forcing me to a state of virtual disablement.

Then I discovered Ortho-bionomy! What a glorious modality this is!! Gentle, resepctful, and loving communication with the body (both to and from!) and a gradual "teaching" it to assume better positions more conducive to ease and comfort.

To make a long story short, I am now walking with virtually NO pain and far more flexibility! I have recently added a water exercise routine my Othro-bionomist recommended, which I execute in a heated salt pool, and that is helping greatly too, as are the daily application of a group of Young Living Oils directly to the effected areas and the daily taking of the supplement Protandim. The difference in my condition is like night and day!

If you have body pain or stiffness, whatever the cause, I highly recommend you find a good Ortho-bionomist and seek treatment from same. I can't thank mine enough!!! I feared becoming house-bound and if things had continued to progress as they were going, that eventuality was likely to occur. Now, while not PERFECT, I am vastly improved and getting out and doing things again. It's an enormous blessing
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