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I found it wasn't for me. The scripts were very long and seemed hit and miss to me, there was much in there that doesn't apply to my experience and I didn't want to create a problem where there isn't one.

However, what it has prompted and I feel that this was its purpose; it has caused me build up my own statements based on traumatic experiences and the physical symptoms. Using dowsing as an aid I went through the whole experience and when I received a positive swing, I built up a statement around that memory. I used that main statement to open up a session and then waited for anything else to come and I was off. Sometimes I would get up to about 8 different memories or images or beliefs come up. And low and behold one of the physical symptoms I've had for 15 years has got a little better and also I feel a sense of relief emotionally. I check the next day as I've woken up feeling emotional or annoyed and realised I need to do more sessions around the statement I had been working on the day before. It's been pretty spontaneous really and I always do the gamut procedure after each statement as that really helps. I also intend at some point do the Personal Peace Procedure. But yes, I agree, this really works, so you have to give your body and emotions respect and be led by intuition as to when you to do sessions and when to rest and integrate.
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