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Good documentary ImthatIm. Lovely and so sad and worrisome.

I have never been to my ancestor’s lands. Only on the ‘Viking’ side Gotland.

But a relative R.I.P. dedicated his adult working life collecting funds to clear the (what was it?) useless dam created destruction on a Sacred River (on the Russian side), so now the salmon or some other fish can go up the stream once again and the rare, endangered flowers bloom on its banks (or something). He got an environmental award for it.

But to get the (new, Russian) locals there on the side, who had no regard for the river, he donated hospital equipment and gave a lot of other aid as well.


The only Sacred Site of my ancestors’, I “went to”, was during a Reiki course initiation or ‘attunement 1’ – when I entered into a ‘lucid dream, a shamanic journey’ type of trance.
Flying over the mountains and then entering into a specific ravine.

I painted and drew those afterwards, when I got home that day …

Then when a priest came visiting, who had been to the East side of Lapland & recognized the “Place” of my painting immediately - I did not believe him, thinking all the mountains in Lapland looked more or less the same, so how could he tell? & so, I did not take any further notice.

But then, when wearing a Saami-drum T-Shirt, I met our local Aboriginal Elder (cutting the story short), just the look in his eyes and his smile told me beyond any doubt I had a specific drum connection in Lapland.

So back at home that day, I went through my H1a haplo gran’s DNA Saami cousins, and they all came from a specific “Place” & when I looked that “Place” up on the net – my painting was staring back at me

Found THE Ravine of my drawing as well and the Drum story.

That “Place” is now on my bucket-list to go to, to see and experience – if I can.

So. Does one need to be there – to be there?

And how come our local Aboriginal Elder knew about the drum connection, before I did?
He must have seen into my ‘energy-field’ and then looking at the T-shirt … saw they were a match.
(Though ‘my drum’ is a Siberian design rather)


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