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Alone with the kundalini

Let us get into some graphic detail
About what kundalini awakening does entail

Each story a little different
Owing to perceptions variant

It all begins with stillness manifesting presence
Internalising outward polarity of our sentience

As commences thought-word-deed alignment
We feel within a magnetic enlivenment

Chakras many and may awaken in any sequence
Depending upon blockages borne of fallen innocence

There is this one definitive certainty
That the seamless path inwards lies in our purity

Neither yogic posture nor any unnatural breathing
No doer within must remain who is desirously seeking

As blockages slowly open allowing Divine energy to flow
We begin to find ourselves joyous and aglow

Then at a time of the kundalini energy’s own choosing
It stirs, stretches, awakens and begins rising

Three pathways attempt to draw in kundalini by resonance
By she follows mostly the path of least resistance

The Ida cool & benign, the Pingala fiery & searing
Yet the central Sushumna is the one with the erect bearing

Along the central funnel rises the kundalini from root to crown centre
Rising in a flicker free whoosh allowing the void of oneness to enter

Our in-form consciousness thus connected to formless awareness
Our Satvik Guna within awakened as super consciousness

This is the way the kundalini awakens if we disturb not its sleep
But should we try unnatural methods it’s temper trauma reaps

The kundalini not aligned chooses the serpentine pathway
The dice rolls and if it be the Pingala our sanity Shakti takes away

Ah! But we have been good and all and done the inner cleansing
Years of empathy, honesty, truthfulness and prayerful meditating

Then, no worries and no cause for concern
The kundalini will be gentle and will not burn

So are we ready
Is our staid stillness steady

Then do invite the Divine energy
To align us in a synergy

Our self
With Itself

God alone Is
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