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Looking around and seeing how much I have already..
Focus on stepping forward and taking a breath or two..
Praying to the Universe..
Knowing that things could be a lot worse, and that they can become a lot better..
and making someone else's day a little better, the more smiles, happiness, laughter, the precious moments in life, the more I realize that my life is getting better and better.
If things just fall way out of hand.. I ask for help, I ask for someone to talk to.. and I recall all the moments when times were tougher, and recall that many others have faced far worse, and I am thankful I have the help I receive.
all things in our reality are there because they are a reflection of us, as for the time in thiers, we are a reflection of them.
the moment you try to find self is the begning of a journey to discover it doesn't exist

Project Spirit has set up a energy channel for anyone who needs it. We have it touch down in each country, and net outwards in them. You can access energy from this channel simply by intending to tap into it. Pm me if you'd like more info.
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