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As I age, and being retired for 18 yrs a lot has changed in my life. I live alone, and thank goodness I have a child and two grandkids in my little famiyl, and don't see them a or even talk a lot, but knowing they are in my life is comforting. If I didn't have them I don't know how I'd be feeling.

I've had a full life, full of friends and acquaintances, many have died and many just lost contact.

Today I had a couple nice calls one from my brother and another 2 friends from my childhood and have gotten a number to contact another friend from my early life. Made me feel very good....

I worked for about 40 yrs and did a lot of interesting "jobs" and all before the isolating technology craze. Lots of memories.

I'm living alone but not lonely, and don't want the responsibility of a pet.
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