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Part 4 The Seven and the Seven

The Healing Room and it’s surrounds are now far away. Our speed? Who can say? We are the seven travelers now… soon to be joined as one. Do we remember in the first adventure we left the astral and jumped up into the high end of the mental plane. Then from here we left the Earth’s heavens and ascended to our spiritual center, Sol. This time we will take a somewhat different route. We will stay in the lower heavens, in the higher end of the astral until we reach our first destination. Then, at that distant system we will shift up in order to continue. Is everyone settled in? BigJohn and Miss Hepburn in the fore. He watches Lady Pumpkin intently and she… she knows. In the rear is Bartholomew sitting as though on a snow sled, knees raised, arms around them. Just in front of him is Gem. She has brought her favorite blanket and is wrapped tightly. Warm. Around us are the others. The distance a small glowing. It grows larger. It approaches now and we know, we remember the Lady, the First Angel.

We are truly flying now at far beyond the speed of light. We approach the speed of thought. The Lady is flying with us now, in formation. As yet she only appears as the glowing orb of pastels ringed with gold. Quite indescribable. We know these colors. They signify spiritual status of high ranking. In her natural state now, to the astral, there is no need for conversation. But she greets us as before. We just seem to hear her in our minds. She bids us sleep, sleep. Rest for the journey will be long.

Passing Orion we pass close by the very faint star, the ancient one. A dead world now orbits it very closely. It will soon become one with the sun which is very red and small. The Lady speaks. You do not remember this world that we have slowed to inspect. It was from here that another group of human beings left, long, long ago on a voyage to your world, the Earth. They were colonists, some of many who made the journey to a better planet. We are in the system that is known on Earth as Orion. Three bright stars and this one which is very faint. There are other stories that will be of interest but these will be saved for another time, another place. Perhaps for another life. Know, though, that each of you carries the genetic signatures of those ancients who lived in this system. Her speech stops now and all is quiet as we increase our velocity again. Remember we are traveling in the astral for two reasons. The first is for our own comfort. Here in this plane that we all know so well we are able to use the familiar senses which are so similar to when on Earth. And second. We are able to slow and view this star system and know that we all have ties to it. Now as our speed has increased again the scenery reverts to the vision like movement towards a horizon which seems to, curiously, raise or curve upward before us. In our restful state we see, or feel with our minds, the shifting of colors which almost assume definite shapes. But all is in some wondrous state of flux. A magical place which has no end that we are aware of. Sleep again. It is quiet. Time passes. It seems to slow as we speed on our way.

It seems years to us that have passed. Of course this is not true. It must be that some change in consciousness has had an effect on our perceptions. But now we are roused from our induced rest and become aware of a change in our course. And we are slowing. To a stop… But where are we and where is the Lady?

In a dream now we sense the Lady nearby. Strange the way with such tremendous speed we have no sense of motion at all besides the curving of the horizon which although real seems to us to be no more than some natural process unrelated to what we are about. We continue now. We share a dream and in it we find a carpet being led by reindeer in the night sky. We are now again in the universal astral plane and have no inkling of the physical through which we speed. The animals too are asleep and for them are dreams of sweet grasses, fresh water and freedom from all the small things that irritate. How much time has passed? Not the question that matters because here time is flowing more slowly. Strange… an increase of speed results in a slowing of time and at the same time our vision is enhanced. We had thoughts of a rest somewhere and a chance for a picnic. Not yet.

We slow now and the Lady reappears keeping pace on our left. She raises an arm and points towards the distance where we see a brightness of some sort. It is coming towards us. No. We are drawing near to it. Slower now. We awake and find ourselves at the perimeter of an orb of some kind within which are portions of another place. We have have arrived at the boundary of the heavens of some other world. Like and yet unlike to our own Earth’s. We are made to feel welcome here in some unspoken way. We know that this illusion is just for us. As this awareness comes to us we look at the Lady. She returns our gaze and smiles. Yes. It is true. Below us is what seems to be firm and solid. We descend. Now lightly touching down our own Lady Pumpkin adjusts her pace and, putting on the brakes so to speak, we stop. Now we can wake up, if that is the right term because here it is hard to be sure about what we are about.

Looking again we find that we are surrounded by what seems to be an impressionist’s depiction of a landscape which contains familiar elements such as ground and vegetation. The colors though are off. Has anyone ever seen a purple tree? Without being bid we alight. The carpet is now spread wide on the ground. We are asked to sit down and watch. As we do this another story begins.

We’ve arrived at some intermediate destination. We thought we would be hungry for some lunch. Maybe later. All of our animal friends are arranged around us reclining or standing in accordance with their kind. Once again the Lady commands our attention. Again she raises an arm and points in the direction of another glowing abstract, up high somewhere but in motion. In a moment it is upon us and we feel what on Earth might be a breeze. No. Here it is a directed energy field that when touching our bodies seems to bring a strange feeling of being nourished. Thus enchanted we set aside thoughts of lunch and wait… Now the Lady speaks.

We are the seven travelers. Upon us now is a story of the seven sisters as they were known to those ancients on Earth in times before, long before the great floods of history.

In part five we will discover the answer to one of the great mysteries. Just a little about the mechanical processes, that is to say the “spiritual mechanics” that hold together the whole of the created universe(s). We will find that the seven sisters of lore are representative of the seven “pathways” that emanate outwards from the galactic creative center. We are about to learn of the seven “rays” that lay behind the twelve constellations or astrology and of the great ones who maintain these. But more important is the “why” of it all. In a moment we will find out.

We may have noticed that as our journey takes us further from our home worlds we seem to have adapted in a way which is just a bit unfamiliar. This perhaps unexpected phenomena is simply due to the fact that on Earth we are personalities but here, far from the influence of our world we are compelled to react, adjust to new environs so to speak. Our animal friends feel this to a somewhat stronger degree. But all of us are within the protective shield of the Lady's aura now. All will be well.

To be continued...
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