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Further Adventures With the First Angel, The Center

part 1 Reunions

The Healing Room is a very real place. It exists in just about the center of the Earth’s astral plane which means that it is made of astral matter. We claimed to have created it as a place of temporary refuge from the trials of physical plane living but, in truth, it was there all the time. We are not the first to use it. However our descriptions and associations are ours alone. Each of us has the ability to create, easily, in astral plane matter. If we ever all meet in person sometime this can be easily demonstrated.

We travel to the Healing Room in our periods of sleep or during light meditations. Once there we meet and interact in astral real time. (time on the astral is slower than here on Earth. 45 minutes there will be similar to an hour on Earth. In the Room we interact with each other, often in complex ways then record those here on the thread. None of this is imagination. It is not magic. It is no more than ordinary experiences except that now we are knowingly transferring, stepping down so to speak, from a slightly higher state of being to a lower. There is one last point to be made. Once the path is discovered it is a simple matter to again traverse the distance, again and again. We know the way.

For any who may be joining us now for the first time the Room is just that. Descriptions are provided in the first story. Representatives of all the families of life on Earth can be found here. Three of these seem to have adopted us. They remain as caretakers. Lady Pumpkin is an Indian elephant upon whose back lays the responsibility of wisdom keeping. Next is an African giraffe. Her name is High Bette. She watches over, guards always and offers guidance for any who have a need. Lastly, closer to the ground, is our friendly pig. Goodness is her name. She sleeps most of the time but don’t let that fool you. She misses nothing. Lady Pumpkin, High Bette and Goodness. In these three can we see just a bit of the elemental structure of the universe? Wisdom, Watchfulness, Essence. A triangle, stable, reassuring. One of many correspondences to be discovered.

It is morning now in the lands surrounding the Room. In the distance a line of hills behind which the rising run is poised to begin a new adventure. In the garden just outside of the Room are some who have just arrived. Anala, BigJohn and Elfin. Seems like whenever we turn our minds in this direction they are there, looking back at us. Others are arriving now. Just Tim is at the tree line, coming this way. Near the lake, if we look carefully we can see Gemma. She sits near the water but her attention is turning now. Up on the roof of the Room Legrand is having a conversation with High Bette. Something about some activity high in the sky to the north. We shall see.

The sun is peeking over the horizon now and others are approaching. According to our customs each brings gifts of food which will be shared, pot luck fashion with the others. We remember Lomax. Unseeking Seeker is near. Lady Pumpkin recognizes him. Perhaps some new arrivals will join us?

The usual routine in the Healing Room is to meet and share a meal then, usually, we all recline for naps. Healing side trips then are begun. Inside are beds around the perimeter, a table and chair in the center. A window for each of the cardinal directions. Light. Up above is an oculus. Sometimes we find that High Bette is watching us from that vantage.

Each of us has a story to tell. None are blank canvasses. Adventures from long before. Memories. In addition we sense and share karmic patterns, especially those which we have in common. As we do so we attract the attention of our guides who draw near. We sense them and are reassured. Quiet. Safety. Stability. Good company. We all set aside the burdens of living below, on the Earth. Just for a moment we are free of it all. It’s funny but this is kind of like children on a sleep over. Companionship. Story telling. Flights of fancy. Jokes. Best of all good food and plenty of it. In the Healing Room and it’s gardens we need not worry about calories. Those concerns are left behind, down below on the Earth. A spiritual adventure need not be all work. We have fun too.

And so the stage is set for a new adventure. We gather outside the entrance to the Room. Lady Pumpkin has arrived and waits patiently. Near her on the ground is our magical carpet. Is every one here? Does everyone have their baskets of food? All set?

Off to the north a light appears, moving swiftly in our direction. Yes. We know who it is. Our good friend, our guide. The Lady is returning. We watch as a glowing light slows then descends slightly to a position just off the ground. We don’t just see the Lady, we feel her energies. Power and a healing warmth that flows through us all. Yes. This time we know her aura. Our eyes adjust to the brilliance, or is it our third eyes? No one speaks yet the answers us saying, “Yes. Once again it’s time… Will you join us? We will see what there is to see.”

We know just what this means. There is room for us all and to spare on the carpet which has the ability to expand as required. We sit. At a nod from BigJohn Lady Pumpkin moves nearer. In some magical way that has never been explained the carpet now rises up, moves laterally, and settles on Lady Pumpkin's back while changing it’s shape to a traditional Howdah. Like children watching the stars to see if one will move…. We wait.

To be continued...

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