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Further Adventures With the First Angel. The Center

Prelude to the next Journey... Reflections

A more applicable name will come later as the story unfolds and ideas present themselves. This is always the way it is when a mind is sent to some far away place.

An extended arm can go no further. This, any of us will agree to. The same arm holding a specialized tool has greater reach. This, too, is easily accepted. This set of analogies is useful because we have learned just a bit about the universal law of correspondences. The mind has a greater reach than the arm. And the mind, when prepared and supplemented by a directed will is best of all. It will go wherever we send it. These thoughts were among the many considered by the classical philosophers. One such was Pythagoras. His particular method was to view the universe as a sort of calculated landscape through which he could then wander at his ease. And later he described what he found through the language of mathematics. Other thinkers used different techniques. Each, though, in allegorical terms, represented an extension to the arm of the ordinary man. This realization was the beauty of the beginnings of our apprehension of worlds that, although close, were far away, normally outside our ken.

The above ramblings are only one way of describing the worlds of the philosopher. The single thing, the lowest common denominator which they all shared, was the daring to ask questions, to discover, to refuse to believe in absolute terms. It was, and is, no more complex than that. Shall we continue?

In the last story a group of human beings, first in their astral bodies, left the local Earth’s heavens on a journey to the center, our systemic creative center, the spiritual center of our physical star, our sun. They were guided by an angel, a Lady who, for a time, enclosed them all in her aura as a means of leaving our world to see what might be beyond. And then they returned.

In the next journey we will dare to go further, much further. Yes, the First Angel will help us again but this time she, too, at a certain point, will be held within the aura of a yet greater being. Our immediate destination will be the Hall of Memories in which the history of our Solar System and those great ones who inform it, left their footprints. Once there we will learn just a little bit about this part of the galaxy. Then we will leave and travel to ???

The first thing is to call everyone to gather in the Astral Healing Room where we will make preparations to depart. As usual we will travel in our magical carpet.

Our guide will be the Lady now in her role of the agent of the Three Sisters.

To be continued…
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