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Originally Posted by Heightend-Awareness
Do you know what your spiritual life purpose and soul mission is?

Please explain and why? (in 25 words or less), just kidding.

For most of my life, I have dealt with being basically a magnet for those in need and didn't know why people were always randomly drawn to me like a moth to the light. Strangers would (and still do) come up to me in public and ask me for guidance and direction whether it be something as simple as literal directions, help to find products in a store (even though I politely say I do not work there) or it's getting/giving advice about their life or something more enlightened like my opinions on the world we live in and my perceptions on daily life.

As far as my soul mission I am still not sure. Of course, I know I need to help people, but the specific details of that are still only being shown to me gradually over time. Spirit has basically indicated to me thus far, that I will soon own my own business where I will be working in a leadership role but also as a collaborator and will come up with a something that nobody has seen before (supposedly).

What I do know, is that people seem to enjoy the way I view things and my perspective to which when trying to help or offer my take on something, people always comment that they never thought about it like that. I have a nack sometimes for metaphors and even when I used to go to a psychologist (it was for greif), she actually asked if she could use mine with her other clients.

I also love to write and have been told I have a way with words and that part of my life purpose/soul calling is to use my words to help people. Again, still figuring it all out though.
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