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Three wave assimilation

In our aloneness
An orientation of meditational stillness
Our state being of free flowing be-ness
In, as & one with the absolute oneness ...
We experience three wave assimilation
First embraces divine love reception
Next it’s nonjudgmental dispersion
And thirdly, as the That oneness, creation!

From subtleness
Into grossness
We descend
To then, in a waking state, ascend
To become consciously self aware
To handle the high energy glare
Which is but of which we are oblivious
The ascension is what makes us conscious

Thought creates: but see what we have created
Unless egoic separateness is not decimated ...
We observe the contrast of Universe perfection
Versus man created wanton destruction
So each node within awakens not once but thrice
It may take as long as it takes or may happen in a trice
Key words being stillness, be-ness, oneness
Journey from reception, transmission to creation, in aloneness

God alone Is
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