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Alone we experience our Pain

Child stumbles, nose bleeds
Child’s cry, his mother heeds
She frets & fusses, wipes the stain
She is concerned but cannot feel his pain
For each must live his life alone in solitude
Though friends may hold hands to build fortitude
But his life experiences are for him & for him alone
Lived, felt, assimilated, etched upon his soul in stone

As life ebbs away slowly, the near & dear gather around
Bones squeezed within, breathing constrained, mind unsound
Through the pain he feels the tender touch of empathetic hands
Yet none knows the pain he feels within where he makes a lone last stand
Such is the truth of the Lone Ranger
Fact over fiction is far more stranger
Attachments, fears & desires slowly extinguish
In aloneness he embraces his own pain & anguish

And there is this other pain, far, far deeper than the physical
More poignant, piercing & lasting than even the emotional
It is what he experiences in his final moments ... remorse
Arising from thoughts, words & deeds lived, egoistic & coarse
As he replays before his consciousness his dispersal of love & pain
Love divine-centric and the tears he gave others, his own self-serving stain
A stain he must erase himself, thereby removing his egoistic feral defect
Alone he must face his karma, the immutable law of cause & effect
God alone Is
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