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Originally Posted by tealily
Knight of Coins (cause), 8 of Swords (effect): Ouch! This guy worked himself so hard, that he literally built a wall around himself and now he's kind of locked in his work. It's going to take a bit of clever adjustment to get him out.

6 of Swords rev + 8 of wands (effect): A HA! If you "stop", things will actually move more quickly. Or "Rest now because all kinds of shizz is about to go down". I'll take that as a message that I should rest rather than work hard today.

Yes, I've decided to knock off for a few hours and have a bit of a rest - I've been flat out working/studying without having time to scratch myself.

6 of Swords rx (cause), 8 of Wands (effect):
A serious boat accident (cause), required the injured to be transported by helicopter asap to the nearest hospital (effect).

5 of Cups (cause), 7 of Wands reversed:
The death of her mother devastated her (cause) and caught her completely off guard (effect).
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