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Ive been busy the last few days on Facebook, new to it and finding my way around, and trying to promote my Church Regeneration Project - it will work, just needs time... I did get time though to put this on a MH forum on my viruses thread.


I had a news link come through to my phone today, where Matt Hancock dismissed something said by someone regarding the possibility of herd immunity in the UK soon, as many have been jabbed up and many had the virus - 70% it said, don't know how true that is.

95+% of the 'healthy' youngsters 20/40's and well above, immune systems will be strong - IMO national TV advertising is what's required 'if' they were to do this - teaching people how to be strong in mind 'lose the fear factor' - I have emailed so many government departments/radio stations/ newspapers in 2020.

This would help with protection 'the advertising' against so called variants, I say so called, because there will be other flu bugs - all getting on the band wagon easy with the 'fear factor' given out by news, lowering peoples immune systems.

Send positive signals to your cell defence system everyone while we wait - what will be, will be, with this - a lot of higher up's headless chickens running around making decisions, is the jab safe, is it not - what shall we do... All we can do is wait and see what happens, Stay Strong everyone, try and enjoy your day - that's all we can do.

Nothings working as yet is it... keep busy everyone, breathe, and be kind to others, this increases your vibes for better health and protection in this war we're in - Stay Strong...

My quote... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey to pick you up if you fall - but I will shine a light and show people many times - you can, or should go this way...

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