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I had a dream... I was talking over a microphone to many people with passion and energy that I have, and telling them to Stay Strong – then I awoke thinking wow that was vivid – I nipped the bathroom gather my thoughts, silly dream I thought, it happens.... then back in bed tense calves that ive been discussing on the sonic boom thread on AP page – they immediately came and the leg twitching.

I have ‘finally’ worked out after 2 years, the leg tensing is when God speaks to me, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and/or the belly growling, can be either – messages, it happens to many people, not in a video voice recording - as in knowing, and me a car mechanic for 30 yrs, I then went about delivering 30K church invitation flyers over many years to shop counters.

And i’m saying this to anyone, youngsters – yes be successful to support your family, but you want more help and assistance from higher knowledge ‘go earn it’ go beyond the call of duty by helping others.

I wasn’t sure writing this early, I was going to double check, I said to my support my Angels just going write a few words then meditate, single point connection with a nice warm cup of tea in my belly, but didn't need to words flow.

And words keep coming to my mind 'something's going on' - as in the way its all being handled in some countries... dream could be just that ive helped a few with my knowledge shared on forums or higher knowledge knows something on this we don’t know...

My quote... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey to pick you up if you fall - but I will shine a light and show people many times - you can, or should go this way...

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