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Just an update here... There is a message on here regarding someone feeling a little pressure from family to get jabbed up - the ones jabbed up are safe they are told, so they are ok, so it has to be 'free will' IMO... its so important not to send that 'fear word' and send it to our cells and immune system - cells have some awareness.

I put a message on my thread below last year that I had received a message that God is concerned with 'free will' that a mistake 'could possibly' be made with one of the jabs injected in many worldwide, only could?

As ive said before, my concern 'right now' is the youngsters to me 20/40s who will have super strong immune systems - some weren't even aware they had covid and immune systems dealt with it, and many older ones 'strong in mind' who just get on with life and don't fear - many 'youngsters' in the UK right now are getting excited that some kind of normality will return, and then be allowed to go in pubs and clubs again.

My concern is these youngsters will be tempted to get in line for the jab, to protect the older ones 'who will already be jabbed up' and possibly to be sure they can fly to holidays again - as long as they realise the immune system will become reliant on the jab 'every year' - so no saying in ten years time you were not forewarned.

No guarantees of course, if you want the jab and feel safer, go get it when allowed to - have a good day everyone, we will get through this...

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