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It was all happening last night - 5 mins before bed and a light that comes on under the roof eaves in my small conservatory, normally a dim glow or bright of a random shape to confirm something ive done - but this time a statue, a human head and shoulders very bright, eyes as well - all I wanted to do was go bed... I thought I'd finished doing my bit fighting this dam virus.

Then I was awoken after a good sleep with a man playing a violin and the words 'came to mind' - 'pull the sleep from his eyes, heavens over there' I could see him in my mind - choice of words to make me listen, take note!!! and then being reminded what I already knew and told my wife when on many occasions recently they keep extending this one lockdown and offering future goodies, teasing carrots to the 20/30s as in do this and get in clubs and on planes etc...

God doesn't want his healthy youngsters under 50's 'his children' jabbed up every year - immune systems are strong enough if people are taught correctly - people will have to have these jabs every year if science has anything to do with it - immune systems will become reliant on them, and 'who' controls the jabs in future years - science?

I'm just the messenger… fine line this advising - between helping save lives as in the jab and a controlling situation, must tread carefully, ive seen account closed on some who step out of line - so here I go, first of many forums.

I'll just remind people, if you want to have the jab, don't let me change your mind - have it... as in free will, if it makes you feel stronger and more protected. i'll also just mention its not just about being strong in mind, fighting viruses - its about keeping your vibes high 'vibrational energy... more time in nature, laughter, gratitude, being kind to people - less time with stressful messages online, immune systems will respond.

My quote... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey to pick you up if you fall - but I will shine a light and show people many times - you can, or should go this way...

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